Occasionally we are invited to serve at private events. We thought it would be great to create transparency and share things you may want to consider when booking EaDeaux’s. 


Considerations before booking us


  • Our base costs for a successful event with a variety of menu items (5+):

    • Groceries

      • $300

    • Prep Labor

      • $150

    • Propane

      • $40

    • Fuel (Truck & generator)

      • $40

      • Cost reduced if your building has a 220V, 50 amp plugin

    • City of Houston commissary day permit and cleaning

      • $65


This is why it is important for us to know:

  • How many people will be at your event?

  • How many of those people will eat?

    • If not, we will estimate that 20% of people attending the event will eat (i.e. 100 people attending = 20 people eating x average costs $10 = $200 anticipated sales

  • How many other food vendors will be at your event?

    • If another food truck or vendor is attending, we would estimate anticipated sales to be divided by 2 (i.e. $200 / 2 = $100)

  • What are those other vendors serving / What are their average prices?

    • Ideally, we would like to have the opportunity to use some creativity to modify our menu / prices versus compete with another truck with similar items or lower prices


This is why most food trucks impose a food truck minimum of $400-500 to commit to a private event. Minimums are a sure way to lock us in for a booking.  However, we are also open to other incentives like commitments to purchase the first ‘40 dishes’ to offset some preparation costs.