Private Houston Crawfish Boils






























A True South Louisiana Cajun Crawfish Boil Experience....We can make it happen


Book us for your private crawfish boil TODAY.  Most of the time we are trying to deliver the best Cajun food to the Houston area.  However, from February to late May in the Houston area, we are available for private crawfish boils.  


We can boil anywhere as long as you have:


(1) a minimum of 10" x 10" outdoor space

(2) a water supply

(3) a location to drain water to a sewer system

A typical minimum for a private boil is 5 sacks or about 175 pound of crawfish. You typically want to allocate your guests 3 lbs each - so a 5 sacks boil should feed 55-60 people.

We can work to customize other items that you may also like in the boil like sausage, corn, potato or other veggies.

Shoot us an email to inquire about your private event today.